The 10 Key Steps to Buying Stair Lifts

  1. Determine if the stair lift user has the physical ability to be able to get into the seat of a stair lift.
  2. Review your stair dimensions to confirm there is sufficient room to accommodate a stair lift
  3. Determine if a straight stair lift will fit your needs or is a custom curved stair lift required.
  4. Research the different manufacturers.
  5. Confirm which stair lift model best suits the specific requirements of the stair lift users & staircase measurements - Check out what's involved here.
  6. Weigh the pros and cons of a self installed option.
  7. Find some suppliers.
  8. Check on the suppliers reputation - beyond what they claim for themselves.
  9. Schedule the stair lift installation.
  10. Have your stair lift fitted - and travel your stairs with ease!

I can help you with every step of your potential stair lift purchase, contact me and I will help you through every step. - finding the best stairlift for you!