Home Evaluation

Virtually every staircase is going to be different so a stair lift has to be 'built' to fit each home. For a straight stair lift the measurements that have to be made and the considerations taken into account are simple and easy.

Measurements required to manufacture a stair lift to fit

  • Length of staircase - Commonly known as the A to B measurement. This is the measurement along the 'nosings' from the upper to the lower landing.
  • Angle of staircase - this is usually calculated by measuring the 'Rise' and 'Tread' of the steps,from these the angle can be calculated.
  • Stair Lift Position - Left or Right side of the staircase
  • Outlet Position- A standard electrical outlet must be easily accessible to power the stair lift: Is it at the top or the bottom of the staircase?

Considerations for evaluting your home for a stair lift

  • Width of staircase - This is not required for build but has to be taken into account for the maximum width for a stair lift, and clearance for a users knees whilst sitting - a perching stair lift or a sit /stand option may be more appropriate.
  • Bottom clearance of staircase - A stair lift needs enough space at the bottom of the staircase to park. The rail extends beyond the bottom of the staicase may be a tripping hazard if it enters an open hallway or if there is a doorway right at the bottom of the staircase - a folding ('flip-up') rail may be a suitable option.
  • Possible obstructions - There obviously has to be a clear run for a stair lift on the staircase, so check the sides of the steps for any overhangs etc which may obstruct the passage of the lift.
  • User Requirements - Options needed specific to the users' needs

Most stair lifts have elements of adjustment that can be done in situ, such as altering the chair angle to fit to the angle of the staircase. These can normally be done with a screw driver and a wrench.

As you can probably judge these can be done by anybody who can use a tape measure and has a bit of common sense. A stair lift dealer will have more experience in performing the above tasks, so would probably achieve the same task in a fraction of the time - but it is quite possible to evaluate your home yourself.


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