Stair Lift Advice

Stairlifts are available from so many different stairlift suppliers and manufacturers. In todays' stairlift world it is difficult to decide where to buy your stairlift from. Stairlifts can be used both inside and outside the home, and a wide choice is available. Most importantly it provides the end user with even more independence than before.

If you have found your way to my site, you are probably seriously considering purchasing a stairlift for yourself, or a relative, at some point in the future. A stair lift, chair lift, stair glide or stair chair lift - call it what you will, can be a great help for folks who find climbing the stairs to be a struggle, as they get older.

Years of Experience with Stair lifts

We have spent many, many years advising people on what to bear in mind, when considering buying a stair lift. There was a time when the few stair lift designs that were available to American consumers were all pretty much the same and choices tended to be made, based on local availability.

Stair Lifts Explained

In recent years, all this has changed. The 'baby-boom' phenomenon has created a huge surge in demand for stairlifts and the ever rising cost of real estate means that more and more homes are built on two floors. We are now faced with a large and sometimes confusing choice and we decided that it's high time that someone put together an informative website that explained;

What a stairlift is
How stairlifts developed in design
What type of safety and comfort features you should expect in a current design of stairlifts

We will also give some suggestions about where to buy a stair lift, without 'paying through the nose' for it.

Welcome to this site - we hope you find it informative and relevant. - finding the best stairlift for you!