Definition of a Stairlift

  • A lifting device mounted on a stair or staicase.
  • A powered machine or device used to carry a person up or down a staircase, usually consisting of a moveable carriage which runs along an inclined rail.
  • A lift, mounted on the wall of a staircase in a house, on which a disabled or elderly person sits to be carried upstairs (and downstairs). The Chambers Dictionary (2003)

The word stairlift comprises the words stair and lift

stair, noun, a series or flight of steps; a staircase. Often used in the plural. One of a flight of steps.
Etymology: Middle English steir, from Old English st[AE]ger; akin to Old English & Old High German stIgan to rise, Greek steichein to walk

lift, verb, to direct or carry from a lower to a higher position; raise
Etymology: Middle English liften , from Old Norse lypta

Some alternative names for a stair lift:

automatic chair
automatic stair lift
chair lift
disabled lift
elderly lift
home stair lift
ramp lift
seat lift
stair chair
stair elevator
stair glide
stair rider
stair stepper
stair climber
stair elevator
staircase lift
stairway chair lift
stairway lift

Some foriegn expressions:

Ascenseur d'Escalier
Ascensor de Escalera
Ascensore di Scala
Cadires Puja-Escales
Krzeselka Dzwigowe
O Degrau Levanta
Sillas Elevadoras
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