Dealer or Self Installation?

An interesting dynamic of this rapidly growing demand for stair lifts in the US, is that the consumer now has this choice.

There are some very good arguments for taking either option - but there is also a lot of scaremongering rubbish trotted-out on this subject.

Stair lifts are not the complex, temperamental devices they once were. Today they are mass-manufactured appliances that are consistently reliable. Many dealers, worried about the impact that self-installation may have on their business would have you believe that stair lift installation is some form of 'black art', fraught with pitfalls and bear traps. I'm fairly certain that, twenty years ago, experts would have told you that running your own sophisticated computer system, networked all over the world, from your home, would be very difficult for you to master - yet here you are. The point I'm making is that technology moves forward continuously. Machines become more user-friendly and things can be done today, that would have been very difficult yesterday.

Self Installation

It absolutely is possible to self-install certain types of stair lift - those that have been designed with this in mind.
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Dealer Installation

Of course, self-installation may be entirely unsuitable for your particular circumstances. It requires basic practical skills and the physical ability to manipulate the equipment. A dealer can do all of this for you. He can also arrange for an in-home demonstration, a detailed survey of your staircase and the future service and maintenance of the stair lift. Essentially what you buy from a dealer is peace of mind.
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